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Fashion Icon

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Karen is up for a award vote for her

It is the only category at the prestigious ceremony that can be voted for by the general public.

Tessa Hartmann, founder and chairman of the awards, said: “I love this year’s final five fashion icons. This isn’t just about style – it’s about individuality, eccentricities and personality.”


Karen nomiated for a award

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Karen has been nomiated for a award The 7th Annual Scottish Fashion Awards will take place on Monday 11th June 2012


Karen in new role

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Rumour has it that Karen is going to be playing in a new film “Not Another Happy Ending” find out more information here.

Dr Who star Karen Gillan and Black Death actor Emun Elliott (a 2009 Screen Star of Tomorrow)  are set to star in Scottish indie comedy Not Another Happy Ending to be directed by John Mckay.

Gillan plays a beautiful but eccentric writer of miserable, but best selling fiction who’s blocked on her latest novel since she became successful and happy. In a bid to break her block, her publisher (played by Elliott) sets about trying to make her life more miserable, only to realize he is in love with her.

Martin Compston will also star in the film, which has been written by David Solomoms and is being produced by Claire Mundell and Wendy Griffin of Glasgow based Synchronicity films.

Production is set for end of 2011/beginning of 2012.

Karen to star in Inadmissible Evidence

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Sorry I don’t have time for a full update but thought I would let you know that Karen is to star as Shirley in Inadmissible Evidence.

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Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan is to make her professional theatre debut in a West End revival of John Osborne’s 1964 play Inadmissible Evidence.

Gillan, who plays the Doctor’s feisty assistant Amy Pond, will appear with Douglas Hodge in the show, which opens at the Donmar Warehouse in October.

Hodge plays a self-destructive lawyer, while Gillan will play his secretary.

The 23-year-old Scot will be seen later this year playing model Jean Shrimpton in BBC Four film We’ll Take Manhattan.

Karen at London Film and Comic Con

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If your thinking of going to met Karen at London Film and Comic Con the photoshoots are selling fast so I would recommand buying them as soon as you can. If your going to get a autograph get there very very early she’s going to be busy and she’s only there one day.

More details can be found on Showmasters Forum and the Official website for London Film and Comic Con.

Karen to play Jean Shrimpton and Series 6 Trailer

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Articles on Karen’s new role

“I am so excited to be playing somebody who had such a lasting impact on the fashion world,” Gillan said.

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan is to play 1960s model Jean Shrimpton in a BBC4 drama about her love affair with photographer David Bailey.
The project, with a working title We’ll Take Manhattan, will be Gillan’s first major drama role since she was cast as the Doctor’s companion Amy Pond in 2009.
Bailey is still to be cast and production has yet to begin. The drama will focus on a 1962 Vogue photo shoot in New York.
“We’ll Take Manhattan reveals how a young, visionary photographer refused to conform and insisted on using the unconventional model Jean Shrimpton on an important photo shoot for British Vogue, inadvertently defining the style of the 1960s along the way,” the BBC said.

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HQ Screencaps > Series 6 Full Series Trailer

Video of Series 6 full trailer

Glamour Awards, Doctor Who Pictures and Scans

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Karen Gillan has been nominated for both the UK TV Actress and Pandora Breakthrough vote here
Thanks to Andy for the Doctor Who pictures and Dave for the Scans
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Series 5 > Episode 1 The Eleventh Hour Episode 10 Vincent and the Doctor

Misc Doctor Who Adventures Issue Magazines > 2011 > Misc Magazines > 2011 > Now

Karen Interview

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Videos from the christmas light switch on in cardiff can be seen here.

I’ve not posted the christmas sample video the bbc put up because the doctor who bit in it is just the christmas trailer/sampler we have already seen. Oh and you only find this out after about 6 mins of watching it.

Article about series 6

Karen interview

“I was really restless, because I wanted to be acting,” she reasons. “But I was thinking: ‘Was it the right thing to leave drama school for this one episode?’ Whereas I could’ve stayed there for three years and got a degree. But I don’t know. I’m just like that. I just left randomly. I was longing to get back into acting, but it was quite difficult.”

Donate to Celebrate Karen’s Birthday

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To celebrate Karen’s birthday I will be putting together a card to give to her at the HMV signing and also raising money I will give more information on the card next week.

How to spot a fake

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Since posting my update on fakes I have noticed that a lot of people have been taken in by very good fakes. Thought I would give a few points on how to spot a fake.

Check the layout is it proffessicial are they using a personal picture or is it one that be got from anywhere. Silly graphics/background normally scream fake. If it’s a twitter account are they officially verfied do other verfied actors etc reply to them. Do they have a offiicial website that is linked to the twitter or facebook. Do fansites link to the account and say it’s official. What type of pictures do they post are they pictures that can be got from anywhere. Do they post at weird times e.g when they would be asleep or working or in another country.

For explain on a good verfied account Let’s take Alex Meraz who plays Paul in New Moon and Eclipse he opened a twitter account and the 3rd tweet he posted he put a picture with a sign with his twitter address on it. Then other known verfied actors replied to him and finally he was verfied account and has his myspace and twitter linked to his official site.

Don’t get me wrong I really want Karen to have a twitter facebook etc but she hasn’t and I hate the fact their are fakes.

Thanks to Dan who gave some info about a fake facebook going about

It has about 2,000+ friends. I have to admit first hand I have been duped by it. From the beginning I have been hard to believe it. A few times I thought maybe but I firmly believe it is (although fake) a VERY GOOD fake. Whoever it is tries very hard to make sure it seems as real as possible. However there are a few problems I have always had and more recently have had with the profile.
1. Pictures: Every picture on the page even though “she” tries to claim are personal pics are ALL from other sources that are easily accessible online. There are NO personal photos of her, even the candid ones can be found on this site and were long before they were on that profile. Also the whole autograph request was taken from another site and all info on the page can easily be found in other avenues online.
2. Constant updates: This is kind of a two-parter. First her friend’s list is always updating, also her profile pic, and status, a lot of times it is at times that do not seem conceivable for someone living on BST. With all due respect to Ms. Gillan, do you REALLY think she is up at 3am/4am updating facebook? I don’t think so. I actually put on one comment she made once that was posted at like 4am her time “do you ever sleep” it was quickly deleted…hmm. Which brings me to my 3rd point.
3. “her” online demeanor: Something I’ve noticed more recently is her kind of meltdowns on facebook and also twitter account that clearly the same person runs. Someone does not think its her and she throws a hissy fit. I can think of a case where she deleted her twitter account made a big stink and then came back a few hours later with another one…seriously? She also personally calls out fans and attacks them if she doesn’t think it’s her. I would think the real KG would not act like a middle schooler on facebook. Bottom line is, anyone that famous is not going to create an actual facebook account and then invite EVERYONE to be friends with her, especially because of all of the stink it brings. A verified twitter maybe but NOT an FB.