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Comic Con pictures

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Fan pictures from various events can be seen here here here here

Comic Con Panel Videos

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Various Videos from recent cons

Wizardworld St Louis and Video Interviews

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“That’s so exciting, being in a horror film… It’s so fun! So, basically I grew up watching horror films, and I love them. I love even the teen-slasher ones, I love all of them and I always wanted to be in a horror film.”

“But ‘Oculus’ was the best of both worlds for me, because I got to be in a horror film with all the, like, scares and everything that everybody wants but really for me and Brenton (Thwaites) who played my brother, it was like a character piece and it was like two actors in a room. It was like the dream horror film for me to do,”

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Dallas Comic Con and Candid pictures

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Karen will be at Wizard World Comic Con Tour in the U.S find out more information here.

Some nice pictures can be seen at Sci Fi Expo in Dallas here

Clips from Dallas can be seen clip

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The Time of the Doctor Screencaps

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Interview and Video Clip

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“A favourite scene? Oh my god! This is really difficult. Do you know what it is? It doesn’t involve me, but it was when the Doctor eats fish fingers and custard, with the young Amelia Pond. So funny! ‘The Eleventh Hour’ is still my favourite episode. It has a certain magic to it. But the Weeping Angels are my favourite monster – and they were in my final episode as well. I loved it so much. They are so scary.

Full interview here

Articles and Interviews on Not another happy ending and 50th Anniversary

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Nice interview on Not another happy ending here and another here

“I think Peter’s an amazing choice and a really cool direction to take the character.
“He older, he’s different to Matt and he’s Scottish.”
“A lot of people associate him with Malcolm Tucker who’s very grumpy but that could work for the Doctor,”

Some clips from interview read the full version here
‘They told me I’d be bald before the audition,’ a perky Gillan tells me. ‘And I was like: “Yeah that’s fine,” thinking there was no way in hell I’d get the role.’
Gillan likes her new look and only wears the wig to meetings for potential jobs. ‘I always end up taking it off halfway through,’ she laughs. ‘I say: “Oh, by the way…” and it’s fun to see people’s reactions.

Karen about Doctor Who 50th Anniversary


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Doctor Who changed my life drastically. It takes over everything. You film for nine months of the year. You move to Wales and work with the same people every day. And then you come out of this little bubble and it’s this hugely popular show that everybody watches. That’s a pretty strange sensation. I feel like I’ve spent all of my 20s so far on that show.
What I loved best about Amy is that we got to see her entire life play out. We see her as a little girl when she meets the Doctor. Then she grows up and gets married, and then we see her have a kid, and then we see her die. Rather than a snippet of her time with the Doctor, we got this epic journey.
But I feel I made the right decision to leave when I did. It was really difficult, because I was having so much fun and I could have carried on for many more years. But I had to put my own personal desires to one side and choose what was best for the character.

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What, I ask Karen Gillan, was the best day of your childhood? “Probably going to the local shows. In a field. In Inverness. I went there as a kid and I was like, ‘This is no  big deal because tomorrow I’m going to Disneyland Paris.’ So that feeling of the potential of Disneyland Paris combined with me being at the local fair was the best.”


Gallery Update

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